Keynote Speakers

Maria Ganzha

Warsaw University of Technology, Poland

Interoperability from semantic point of view

One of the most obvious statements is: interoperability requires understanding between parties.Establishing such understanding between humans can be, at least to some extent, achievable. The situation becomes more complex when non-human artifacts enter the mix. As an example, let us consider the Internet of Things (IoT). Here, lack of interoperability between platforms/systems/applications(artifacts) has been recognized as one of key issues that prevents faster development of IoT ecosystems. While interoperability can be considered on many levels across the software stack, I will focus on semantic interoperability.

In the presentation I will discuss how semantic technologies can be used to facilitate interoperability between IoT artifacts (and beyond). Research presented in the talk is supported by EU-H2020- ICT grant INTER-IoT 687283.

About the speaker

Maria Ganzha is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Mathematics and Information Science. She has an MS and a PhD degrees in Mathematics from the Moscow State University, Russia, and a Doctor of Science degree (in Computer Science) from the Polish Academy of Sciences. Maria has published more than 200 research papers, is on editorial boards of 6 journals and a book series, and was invited to program committees of more than 150 conferences. She is also the Principal Investigator, of the SRIPAS team, in the INTER-IoT project. Here, her team is responsible for use of semantic technologies in the context of interoperability of IoT platforms.

Hans-Christian Brockmann

eccenca GmbH & brox IT-Solutions GmbH, Germany

A journey to cognitive supply networks of the future

Digital collaboration has come a long way, but are we ready to achieve digital collaboration to the degree that analysts and experts are expecting? What are the prerequisites to industrial cross eco-system collaboration? What are pitfall, which dead ends have we already encountered?

A journey of industrial inter-company digitization and how two leading pioneers of communication are jointly embracing semantic standards to once again lead us to new frontiers they themselves call “the cognitive supply network”.

About the speaker

CEO of eccenca GmbH and brox IT-Solutions GmbH. He obtained a BA from the University of Göttingen and an MBA from Wake Forrest University Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Before starting brox IT-Solutions GmbH in 1998 he served as sales manager at Baan Solution Center Automotive. While setting up a service business that focused on business process and IT consulting in the automotive industry, he kept his primary personal focus on information excellence and implemented two product lines. One having the focus on meta data quality management - the brox data management centre - a solution, which became an SAP certified data quality management tool and was used within organizations like BOSCH, Continental, ZF and MAN. He also initiated the Eclipse project "SMILA" and served as a director in the board of the Eclipse Foundation. In 2013 Hans-Christian founded eccenca GmbH focussing on the implementation of solutions for the automation of data centric intra- and inter company processes.