KESW 2017 will be hosted on the Regional Centre for Innovation and Technology Transfer at Szczecin, Poland.

Below is the area map. Information about suggested hotels can be found on our Accommodation page.

About the city

Szczecin is the capital city of the West Pomeranian Voivodeship in Poland. It is the country's 7th largest city and, as it is located close to the Baltic Sea, it is the largest seaport in Poland. Szczecin is located on both sides of the Oder River, several large islands between the western and eastern branches of the river, and along the southwestern shore of Dąbie Lake. The city has an abundance of green areas: parks and avenues – wide streets with trees planted in the island separating opposite traffic (where often tram tracks are laid); and roundabouts. In that manner, Szczecin's city plan resembles that of Paris, mostly because Szczecin was rebuilt in the 1880s according to a design by Georges-Eugène Haussmann, who had redesigned Paris under Napoléon III.

Typical Szczecin’s dish-to-go is so called “pasztecik” which is kind of a fried dough stuffed with meat or vegetarian mixtures. The oldest place serving patties was founded in the year 1969, and special machine imported from the Soviet army equipment was used for manufacturing. Originally patties were produced for the Soviet military forces. In 2008 Marshal's Office proposed to enter the pasztecik in the list of traditional products, protected by EU law. Finally pie was listed on December 22nd 2010, which means that all manufacturers must strictly follow recipe.